Audubon Center and Sanctuary

Bench Near Big PondI started visiting the Audubon Center when I was in college in the late 1970s.  One of my professors was also the naturalist at the Center and he encouraged us to go down… to volunteer for programs and so on.  I took a training there as a college kid and thought it sounded like fun.  But I was too busy to be helpful to them at that time.

When Maddie was in half-day kindergarten, I requested a half-time leave of absence from my computer/math job at the local community college.  I used my time off to volunteer at Audubon.  Through a series of fortunate events, a job opened and I got it.

It is such an interesting place to work.  I get a lot of joy from learning daily about the natural world, and from sharing what I learn with others.  Naturally, there are aspects of the job that I wish someone else could do… reports, numbers, asking for money…  But all in all, how can you beat a job where it is your job to take frequent walks outside?

Canada Mayflower in the woods near Spatterdock PondJim Yaich, retired director of the Center and the same college professor I mentioned above, volunteers as our webmaster maintaining our official website at

I’ve also been messing around with WordPress to see how a blog format might work for us.  This one is very much just an experimental work in progress:

I spend much of my paid time out on the trails at the Center.  I spend many of my time off hours there, too.  (I might spend even more time there, if dogs were allowed on the trails…  Lolli would love it down there, I’m sure.  I’m also sure she would terrorize the wildlife!)  There’s a lot to see and learn in every season of the year.  You can see more pictures that I have taken at my Flickr site:

I also administer a group on Flickr.  You can see photos others have taken here: