College Park

College Park SignDisclaimer: This is not an official website for College Park. The only reference I could find online to the park was on a page of the college’s full catalog in PDF form, which I cut and pasted here.  Emphasis is mine.

Additional Facilities
The Sheldon House, located at 9 Falconer Street, was the gift of Julia Sheldon Livengood. It is used for conferences, meetings, and as a guest house for college visitors. The Roger Tory Peterson Institute is located across from the campus on Curtis Street. Other facilities, which are open to the college for instructional and recreational uses, are the Russell E. Diethrick Jr. Park and College Park and Biological Station, which is commonly referred to as the 100-Acre Lot; plus a number of municipal and private facilities in the city and county. These include public schools, hospitals, and nursing homes, as well as numerous social service agencies to provide off-campus learning experiences for JCC students.

The official college website is here: (Update 2020: I believe the Sheldon House has been sold and that Roger Tory Peterson is now under JCC’s care.)

My ramblings begin here:

The local community college has a tract of land that has many uses and at least a couple of names.  Local people refer to this park as The 100-acre Lot and are often confused if you call College Park, even though the sign at the entry clearly labels it as “College Park”.  Here, JCC stands for Jamestown Community College.

College Park PavillionThere is a picnic shelter that can be reserved for events by calling the college.  Right in front of the shelter is a creek that is fun to play in.  There’s playground equipment, too, so it’s a nice place for a church picnic, or family reunion.

The park is easily accessible.  It is just across the road and a bit north from the Roger Tory Peterson Institute at 311 Curtis Street in Jamestown NY.

I go there for the trails, which are well-worn and well used by the community, particularly by dog-walkers.  The trail system even serves as part of the venue for Jamestown High School’s Cross Country team.  There is a trail on the east side of the property that actually leaves the college-owned tract and goes onto private land.

Here are a few photos from the Park:

Shadow DarnerAsian (or Oriental) BittersweetHoneysuckle - PinkCurled DockMusk Mallow

I have a whole set of photos on Flickr taken at this property (including a few from the privately owned neighboring property).  You can see them here: