A 24-hour Adventure

My nephews weren’t able to fit Audubon Day Camp into their schedules this summer, so, I promised them a backpacking trip.  All of the sudden, the summer was winding down and I realized I hadn’t made good on this promise, so…  Last Thursday and Friday we managed to find enough time for a whirlwind adventure.

Trailhead on Burnham RoadThe Earl Cardot Eastside Overland Trail is part of the Chautauqua County Parks system of trails.  For some reason, there is a short section just over half a mile in length that is not connected to the main trail.  It ends at the Canadaway Creek at a nice little lean-to camping site.  I thought this would be just the ticket:  not too much walking, leaving plenty of time for camp fun. (Plus, we wouldn’t have to carry tents and I’m all for cutting down the weight – especially for first-time backpackers!)

The hike is fairly level most of the way…  except for a brief section of much steepness… which, thankfully, is fitted with rugged stairs and a hand rail for part of the way.

Caution - Steep Hill

What kind of camp fun did we have?  Oh, the usual:

Make a fire:
Perfect Coals

Eat hotdogs while drying socks next to the fire:

Play Rummy:

Explore in the creek:
Practicing for Rock-Flipping Day

Get acquainted with wildlife:
One of Spencer's Many Toads

Chris and Monarch

 These and more pictures can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenniferschlick/sets/72157607067484317/

Just before heading up the hill to return the boys to their mother, Spencer said, “This is the most fun I had all summer!”  I guess we had better do some more of this!

We survived! Adrean brought Sasha along when she came to pick up the boys. She (Adrean, not the dog!) took this picture:
We Survivied

Next time: two nights?  And bring the dogs?

September 24-30 is “Take a Child Outside Week”.  Make your plans now to take a child on some sort of outdoor adventure, even if it is just a short walk around the block!!  Learn more at http://takeachildoutside.org/.