It’s Baby Animal Time

It’s baby animal time at Audubon!  And we’ve been finding many.  Last weekend, our first batch of goslings hatched during 60-80 degree weather.  Today, with temperatures back down in the 40s, they must be wondering what they were thinking hatching out this early!  Lucky for them, mom’s wings and warm body will provide protection.

Goose Family - there are six goslings!
Canada Goose Family


That really IS a baby turtle in Sarah's hand...

And what about those Painted Turtles?  How do they manage to stay underground all winter long, then find water once they hatch out of holes that are often rather far from the ponds?  They’ve been making a mad dash for the backyard pond over the last few days.

Baby Painted Turtle

They’re just so perfectly round when they first hatch out, aren’t they?

Two Baby Turtles