Westside Overland Trail Q to M

Mary and I continued hiking the next section of the Westside Overland Trail today – beautiful weather for it – starting off cool, and eventually warming up, humidity not too oppressive. We are hiking south to north. The way points are labeled A to S, so we are hiking S to A. Today’s section was Q to M, Route 474 to Eggleston Hill Road, 4.5 miles.

Recent wet weather made for lots of ‘shrooms. And the baby toads were just so adorable. Lots of dragonflies at the pond near the Lean-tos. Love hearing the thrushes and pee-wees singing us along our way. Several Red Elder shrubs along the way. I wonder if they are edible. Also so Elderberries along some of the roads we crossed.

Most of the bridges need repairs! (Any Gold Award or Eagle seekers interested? Contact the Parks Department!)


The Hike