Nature at 55

White Trout LilyNo, I’m not 55 years old… yet… though that age approaches quickly enough.  I’m talking miles per hour here…  It happens to me often… zooming down the road on my way to work or some other important event… when suddenly, something catches my eye… something unfamiliar… a new color, or shape that has no name inside my brain.  Last year, I found Wild Garlic that way.

 This week, it was a fairly large patch of bright, white flowers that formed stars in the grass along the side of the road.  I screeched to a halt, parked on the side of the road, grabbed the camera, and snapped a couple of pictures.  As soon as I was close enough, I knew what they were:   White Trout Lilies (Erythronium albidum).  I had just said to someone the day before that while I have seen massive colonies of the yellow variety, I had never seen White Trout Lilies.  And here, I drive past them every day…  Ironic.  I was only a little late for work.


White Trout Lilies


What have you stopped along the side of the road for?