Complicated Family Life

I may have to give up on trying to learn the plant families…  This week, I found plenty of “Swamp Candle” or “Yellow Loosestrife” blooming at Audubon.

Swamp Candle
Swamp Candle or Yellow Loosestrife (Lysimachia terrestris)

I thought to myself, “This would be a good time to learn the Loosestrife Family.”


Yellow Loosestrife is in the Primrose Family.  As is Whorled Loosestrife:
Whorled Loosestrife

Lysimachia quadrifolia

And Fringed Loosestrife:
Fringed Loosestrife
Lysimachia ciliata

Honest.  I don’t make this stuff up.  I wonder if there are any primoses in the loosestrife family?  It’s all so complicated.

Happy Flowery Friday… I’m off for more bird banding… A birdie post will be next!